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The First Moments of Sophia | Fresh48

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

There is nothing like a tiny baby. Right? I mean. The little wrinkles, tiny cries, slight fingers and baby toes. Baby smell is intoxicating. Fresh to the world and oh-so untainted. And this baby was tinyyyyyy, 5lbs 11oz, 20 inches.

I love watching parents in these moments. Even if it’s their third child, which Sophia is a third, the motions are so unsure. So delicate and caring, nervous and sweet. I’m sure most people think this is because of the delicate nature of a newborn and I am sure that is some of the hesitation. But I also think it has so much to do with the fact that, well,

we don’t know them yet.

We are learning what they do and don’t like. Learning what makes them calm and what sets fire to their tiny lungs. Parenthood is so interesting in that way. Especially for the one who carried the baby. In some way, we know them, deep in a part of us that is unexplainable. We are connected. But it is still a relationship, building just like all of the relationships in our lives.

This family has my heart. There is so much love. You can tell that they absolutely live for each other. I have never seen a mother effortlessly pour into her children the way this momma does. She gives her all, all of the time. I admire it deeply.

Watching her balance multiple children, giving them the time and attention they deserve, is truly beautiful. And it is obvious in the way her children love each other. You would think that children so connected to their momma would be jealous of a new baby to split the attention with, but no. They embraced her as an extension of them, were just as obsessed with her as their momma and daddy.

This was one of my favorite sibling meetings ever.

Big sister took HER baby and did not let go. Such a little momma already.

I am so lucky to know this family and have the opportunity to continue to watch them grow together. Now, one year later, I still look back in awe of this moment.

I am forever thankful for this opportunity and all that it has brought me on a personal level. Photos from this session have been published and won awards, and the acknowledgment still blows me away. I do this work for me, for each person I work with. I do this work for that deeply personal relationship with art and self. I never really concerned myself with how it was accepted widely. I wanted my client to be happy and I wanted to be happy. So, to see my work, what I put so much heart and soul into, be acknowledged in such a big way. It is pretty wild. And I am forever humbled by it.

Best Wishes. Warmest Regards.

Sam of Anastasia Rae Photography


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