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This is me, Sam, owner and lead photographer of Anastasia Rae Photography. I am a momma of four, wife to an amazing man, an NYU graduate who studied speech and language pathology, a crafter, a writer, a baker, a party planner, an artist, you will always find my hands busy. I have such a passion for the beauty of the world, from nature, to architecture, to moments, I am always in awe of what surrounds me. Perhaps it isn't surprising that I become so enamored with photography, what a better way to celebrate all of these things but to give them life forever. 



The Anastasia Rae Philosophy

Photography has always been a passion of mine, which flourished after the birth of my son, my original muse. Something my cousin, Anastasia and I had in common. After my cousin's sudden passing, I struggled with a way to honor her and always keep her light alive in my life. When I decided to start my photography business, I chose to use her name. She will always live on in my work and our shared passion for this art.

And with that, The Anastasia Rae Philosophy was born. I don't take photographs of the way you look, I take photographs of who you are. My goal is to capture your special moments in all of the beauty that is naturally and effortlessly you.

Because a great portrait is a collaboration between photographer and subject.


To my client,

I am honored that you are considering me to photograph you and your family. Together, we will work to capture beautiful memories that will live with your family for years to come. It's my hope that your children's children can look back on these photos with love and affection.

Have more questions? Send me an email!

I look forward to working with you!


Sam Sykula

Lewis Family 2020 pgeg-77.jpg

Lauren Lewis

The Heart Narrative

My very best friend in the whole world. The ying to my yang. It is amazing to share this journey with her, even from afar. We are such kindred spirits. I adore her work all the time and if you are in the Indianapolis area, you should absolutely check her out!


My wonderful friend and partner from The Wildflower Wedding Collective. I am so lucky to be able to share a business with such an amazing woman. She is an fantastic photographer and I am honored to work with her!


Abby Dougherty

Abby D Photography

Sweet, fun and an amazing photographer, Abby is so talented. I love that I can share this community with her, learn together and grow from each other. I am always in love with her work. If you are in the Virginia Beach Area, she's your girl!

Community over competition

Check out some of my favorite photographers from around the US!

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