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Milk Bath Maternity at The Brick House Farm

I was chatting with a photographer friend a few weeks ago, talking about how we both haven’t booked nearly enough maternity for our liking. It’s like the universe heard me and granted me all the maternity sessions haha!

I really enjoy writing these in hindsight, looking at the work and remembering the day we did the shoot. Reflecting on my work, the experience, giving myself credit for what I did well and filing away the things I want to work on. It is so important to me to always provide the most amazing experience to my amazing clients.

This lovely momma wanted a milk bath as the main event for her session. I went to work planning. Milk baths can be a little tough because they can definitely become a little monotonous. It’s not their fault, I mean, how much can you really do in such a small space.

Tight space or not, I wanted to provide a diverse gallery, like I do with all of my clients, filled with dynamic angles and various poses. I planned the session very closely and I am so happy with what we were able to do. Applying some of my boudoir expertise, we used the space in so many different ways. And of course, we had fun doing it.

I'm sharing too many but.... I love so many.

These mommas were so in love. I loved their subtle whispers and sweet moments. It means the world to me when we can have fun and my clients can have moments among themselves like I am not even there. People watching is a favorite for me and photography is basically a way to people watch without being thought of as too creepy…. Although, I’m sure I’m creepy every now and then. (Insert awkward laugh)

Congratulations to this absolutely beautiful family. Your daughter is so lucky to have such a wonderful example of love. And for real, two mommas are better than one.

Oh and one just for momma to feel special.
Best Wishes. Warmest Regards.

Sam of Anastasia Rae Photography & The Wildflower Wedding Collective


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